Recovery Service

  • You are unable to collect money owed to you ?
  • Your client seems to be hiding ?
  • Your client does not remind you not respond to numerous calls and letters sent ?
  • You plan to drop the file ?

Our first approach allows debtors to regularize the folder or folders you hot with their creditors without having to live with the jolts of the conventional method. This method has a lot of success and you don't have to pay a percentage to the agency for purposes of debt collection. A good agreement with the debtors can often keep its customers rather than losing it. It is often an urgent need to trace some of the debtors prior to the account or accounts do not become prescribed by the act and does not become a moral debt.


Investigation Service

  • You would like to determine the creditworthiness of a prospective tenant ?
  • Know that your employee has a good credit rating is important to you ?

Take the precaution of making a credit check on a prospective tenant is current in our day. Many landlords suffer financially from loss of rental income due to the longevity of the process of the housing authority before being able to evict a bad tenant. Know that an employee has a good credit rating can make a good impression on the part of an employer. Without generalizing, the flight to the internal is often attributed to people with a bad credit rating.

Whether you're a business leader or owner of an income property and you want to determine the credibility and creditworthiness of your candidate then Collection Agency 911 will be able to provide the requested information in the shortest time.


Service History Judicial

  • You don't want to rely on your first impression and have the certainty that your future employee has no history of justice ?

We offer the service of verification of judicial records to the plumitifs civil, criminal, or penal. This information is often not verified and neglected by the employers allows a more accurate assessment on a candidate before hiring and in some cases even avoids some firms to lose their crédibilités in the face of customers or business relationships.


Screening and Localization

  • Are you looking for a former tenant ?
  • You are looking for a debtor ?
  • You are looking for a member of your family ?

Regardless of the type of research, Collection Agency 911 will put in place a research strategy refined to get results.


Get A Consultation

The best way to learn is to come and meet with us so that we can evaluate your situation.