By this contract, the client accepts the services "AR911" which provides a service for the protection and recovery of credit at an annual membership fee of 499.95 $ or a la carte service and commissions as a percentage for service rendered after recovering sums due to the debtors in favor of the " Client ". This contract is valid for a period of one year from the date of its signature.


"AR911 " will send a letter to your clients (debtors) to indicate that they will have a period of 10 business days following the date of issuance of the notice of claim sent by the agency, to send you the payment directly to you, "Client " and not to the agency. "AR911 " will take no percentage (%) on the sums that your accounts receivable you will have sent by this first step, because this is the main advantage of doing business with "AR911 " No charge for the first 50 records. The applicable fee of$ 5 per folder extra will be charged for postage.


A result of the expiry of the 10 working days allocated to the debtors to regulate their amounts due with you, the "Client ", "AR911 " will take charge of the records and of the recovery actions call will then be made. The "Client " agrees to pay, on the billing, 20% to 50% of the amount received in the SECOND STEP. It is not possible to anticipate in advance what percentage, since we can not know in advance the complexity that they will have agents to collect the account or accounts.


It is understood that : as a Result of an approval, the "Client " agrees to pay the fees, if any, dedicated to the sending of a registered letter, a service provided by a bailiff or a lawyer, and the fees of a presence at the court or in consultation. Our partners (qualified lawyers and professionals) will guide you through these procedures.


The "CLIENT" agrees to keep all information obtained from "AR911 " confidential and not to disclose any information to third parties without obtaining the written permission of the agency. It is understood that the amounts paid directly to "AR911 " by obligors will be deposited in a trust account. It is understood that the "Client " shall pay the commission provided for in "AR911 " upon receipt of a direct payment in connection with the SECOND STEP. Example of a case where a debtor, you would send it to you, the "Client "a payment in the gears of the SECOND STEP company by "AR911 ". The customer can remove one or more accounts, provided that the said accounts are not or are not in process of collection by the agency and upon agreement with "AR911 ".


"AR911 " be able to compensate for all accounts due by the "Client " out of the funds received by the debtors.


The client will provide "AR911 "the following documents
1. Copy of the statement of account
2. Account status update
3. All other information and or documents which are useful to and requested by "AR911" the "Client ".

The customer is responsible for the documents and information provided to "AR911 " and agrees to indemnify "AR911 " of all the lawsuits and or judgments against "AR911 ",
the case may be.


The customer agrees that "AR911 " assumes no responsibility if an account is submitted for collection becomes required or is not perceived for any other reason. It is understood that the accounts handed over for collection will be a minimum of $ 100.00 or more. The contract has 499,95$ will be automatically renewed on an annual basis as well as the fees that apply unless the notice otherwise. AR911 you send them a reminder email at least 30 days prior to the maturity date. If you do not wish to renew, simply notify us by replying to the e-mail before the due date . In the opposite case AR911 you send an invoice on the anniversary date of the renewal.



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